Dry Eye Treatment

Are your eyes watery or teary? Is your eyelid swollen, itchy, or burning? Dry eye syndrome might be to blame.

What Is Dry Eye Syndrome?

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What Causes Dry Eyes?

A number of factors can disrupt the tear film, resulting in dry eyes. Three layers of tear film exist: fatty oils, aqueous fluid, and mucus. As a result, your eyes are usually lubricated, smooth, and clear. Dry eyes are caused by problems with any of these layers.

A dysfunctional tear film can be due to hormone changes, autoimmune disease, inflamed eyelid glands, or allergic eye disease. Dry eyes can be caused by decreased tear production or increased tear evaporation in some people.

Risk Factors

Factors that make it more likely that you’ll experience dry eyes include:

  • Being older than 50. Tear production tends to diminish as you get older. Dry eyes are more common in people over 50.
  • Being a woman. A lack of tears is more common in women, especially if they experience hormonal changes due to pregnancy, using birth control pills or menopause.
  • Eating a diet that is low in vitamin A, which is found in liver, carrots and broccoli, or low in omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, walnuts and vegetable oils.
  • Wearing contact lenses or having a history of refractive surgery.

Source: MayoClinic.org