Michelle Hammond, O.D.

Michelle Hammond, O.D. received her Doctor of Optometry from the College of Optometry at Western University of Health Sciences in 2020 and earned her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at Auburn University. She completed her Ocular Disease and Surgery Co-Management Residency with an emphasis in geriatrics and small emphasis in low vision rehabilitation and specialty contact lens at Jonathan M. Wainwright VA Memorial Medical Center in Walla Walla, WA and Pacific Cataract & Laser Institute in Kennewick, WA in 2021. Dr. Hammond received her diplomate of the American Board of Optometry in 2021.

Her special fields of interest include geriatric and primary patient care, with a focus on pre- and post-operative care, retinal disease, ocular surface disease, and glaucoma management.

Dr. Hammond strongly believes that clear vision is one of our most precious senses and being able to manage vision-related conditions is a strong area of interest for her in the medical community. She particularly enjoys helping all patients, whether fully sighted or without sight, improve their quality of life with glasses, contacts, low vision devices, surgical co-management and medical management.

Dr. Hammond has volunteered at vision screenings with the Blind Center of Nevada and Care Harbor Los Angeles, and participated in a mission trip to St. Ann Parish, Jamaica, through SEE International and the Alliance of Jamaican and American Humanitarians. While there, she provided disease management, pre- and post-operative care for cataract surgeries, and eye exams to the community.

In her free time away from the office, Dr. Hammond enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, running, hiking, and traveling.

Dr. Terri Gieske, O.D.

Terri Gieske, O.D. received her Doctor of Optometry from the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 1988 and she earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Missouri – Rolla.

Dr. Gieske specializes in dry eye and macular degeneration. Her fascination with eyecare and eye health inspired her to become an optometrist. Dr. Gieske loves seeing her long-term patients and learning about new patients. Although Dr. Gieske has reduced her hours to spend more time with her family, a modified schedule is available.

In Dr. Gieske’s free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, and spending time with her young grandchildren.

Dr. Allie Moody, O.D.

Allie Moody, O.D. received her Doctor of Optometry from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2022 and earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Pittsburg State University in 2018.

Dr. Moody specializes in dry eye care. Dr. Moody loves interacting with her patients and improving their vision and eye comfort. To Dr. Moody, being an optometrist is fulfilling as she is able to help and care for patients in all stages of life.

In Dr. Moody’s free time, she enjoys hiking and exploring new restaurants.

An announcement from Dr. Gail Schechter

As many of you know, Dr. Terri Gieske and I sold our practice, Sharper Vision Eyecare, to AEG Vision one year ago. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to have another company, one we respect, come and run the day-to-day operation while Terri and I concentrated solely on patient care.

Even though the office was sold, I planned to continue practicing for the next 2-3 years while I transitioned into retirement. But it seems that life, with its many twists and turns, had other plans for me. Many of you are aware of the difficulties I’ve had to face these past several years and I find it is now necessary to follow the advice I have given to so many of you over the years, and I’m going to take care of myself. As of December 23, 2021 I will be officially retired.

I have practiced Optometry for 40+ years and it has truly been a joy! I was blessed with two wonderful partners: my husband Dr. Micahel Kane, O.D. and a woman who truly became a sister to me, Dr. Terri Gieske.

But you, my dear patients, are what have kept me in this profession all these years! We have laughed together, cried together, consoled each other, hugged and when time allowed…I checked your eyes!

There are many of you that have been seeing me since I first began to practice. AMAZING really! I have examined husbands, wives, and exes. You have brought me your parents and out-of-town guests. I have seen your children AND your grandchildren! It’s just overwhelming if I allow myself to dwell on it.

So, in saying goodbye and thank you, I leave knowing that you and your health are in excellent hands. Dr. Gieske is still here and many of you already know and love her. My associate, Dr. Michelle Hammond, is a wonderful and talented clinician. Her friendly smile and warm personality will put you right at ease.

Stay healthy and safe my friends, and say hello if you run into me in town!