Complimentary Infant Screening


We offer a complementary infant screening for those between 3-12 months of age. All skills are assessed through objective measures without relying on input from the patient. The screening allows us to evaluate the same skills we assess in any exam: vision, eye health and functional skills such as eye alignment and tracking. This testing can ensure the child’s eyes are healthy, their vision is at expected levels and they are reaching all visual developmental milestones for their age.

The first 2 years of life are the most critical for eye development in both vision and functional skills like focusing, eye alignment and eye movements. Fortunately, 98% of infants will have normal vision and healthy eyes, but 2% will have significant vision problems that if not treated can result in issues throughout life. An important thing to keep in mind is that if an infant has good vision in one eye, they often function normally because they are able to compensate with the better eye and thus they won’t appear to have a vision problem.


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