Contact Lenses

We are very experienced with Contact Lenses

We have a high success rate with specialty contact lenses. Because of this, other doctors refer their patients to us for contact lens services.


Our office specializes in finding the best contact lens for each individual as there is not one contact lens that works for everyone. We take into account each individuals particular needs, work environment and prescription. We work with multiple contact lens manufacturers, so we have access to many products from which to choose.


We also specialize in difficult to fit contact lenses for patients with keratoconus, corneal disease, previous eye surgery or eye injuries resulting in irregular shaped corneas.


Contact lens technology continues to improve every year, which results in lenses that provide better optics and improved comfort. Our patients are given the opportunity to try any new lens technology that may be beneficial to them, at no cost. Once the fit has been refined, the patient can choose to switch to the newer material or stay with their current lens material.



  • DAILY DISPOSABLE CONTACT LENSES:¬†This is rapidly becoming the most common contact lens modality because they are the healthiest are the most convenient contact lens option.
  • FREQUENT REPLACEMENT CONTACT LENSES: These include contact lenses that are replaced on a regular replacement schedule such as every month.
  • BIFOCAL CONTACT LENSES: These contact lenses have a prescription for both distance and near vision, so you don’t always have to pull out reading glasses for near work.
  • TORIC CONTACT LENSES: Toric contact lenses are lenses that correct for astigmatism. These lenses have improved significantly in the last couple of years so if you tried them in the past without success, you may wish to give them another try.
  • RIGID GAS PERMEABLE (RGP) CONTACT LENSES: These lenses are smaller in diameter than soft contact lenses and have the advantage of providing slightly better vision than the soft lenses; however, they are not as comfortable as soft lenses and are more likely to pop out during contact sports.
  • SCLERAL CONTACT LENSES: These lenses provide the comfort of soft contact lenses and the clarity of gas permeable lenses. These are a specialty contact lens most often used for patients with significant corneal irregularity from either an eye injury or eye disease.
  • PROSTHETIC CONTACT LENSES: These are contact lenses that are hand painted with an iris, the colored part of the eye. They are used when patients have had an injury to the eye and the iris is damaged. These contact lenses are painted to match the color of the patient’s other eye. Not only do these lenses help with cosmetics, but they are very functional as they help regulate the light coming into the eye, which provides for better vision.


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