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Comprehensive Exams

If you are an adult, it is very important to schedule an eye exam at least once a year. It’s not just to see if your prescription has changed, or whether you need bifocals. It is also for your health.

If you have risk factors such as diabetes, or a family history of eye problems, an optometrist is your first line of defense.

Children, too, need their vision checked. For children, eye exams usually take place at 1 year of age, before they begin preschool, and before they begin elementary school, and then every year after. 80% of a child’s learning is visually related and comes through their eye-hand coordination and vision sense, so regular exams are very important.

Scleral Lens Fitting

We maintain a cutting-edge practice devoted to the restoration of vision and comfort lost as a result of refractive eye surgery (including LASIK and Radial Keratotomy [RK]), keratoconus, corneal transplant surgery, pellucid marginal degeneration, extreme dry eye, corneal dystrophies, corneal trauma and other corneal related complications affecting one’s vision.


Ortho-K can stop the progression of nearsightedness. Enjoy your day, without need for vision correction! Ortho-K is a non-surgical Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS) that uses contact lenses worn overnight to reshape the cornea.

Contact Lens Fitting

Think you can’t find an answer to your vision difficulty? Let us take the challenge!

No matter if it’s single vision, multifocal, specialty contact lenses, and even lenses that you sleep in and fully correct your vision, we’re confident that we have a contact lens that will work for you.

The first step for contact lenses is a comprehensive eye exam. The doctor will find the right lens with exactly the right amount of curve, thickness and diameter for the your particular vision needs.

Next, your contact lenses are fitted to your eyes, along with detailed instructions on how to clean, store, and handle your contact lenses.

Finally, we’ll schedule a follow up visit to check for any irritation and to see how your eyes are responding to the contacts.

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